Why Born-Wise?

When in life you have a freefall and you are clueless about the fall, the foundation of family and friends cushions you and helps you to grow your wings. But when you are far away from them during the fall, it’s the inside courage-springs that help you bounce back.”


First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Aditya Pant, I work as a Manufacturing Engineer in Michigan, US. I have spent most of life in India and moved to States to complete my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Yes, as boring as it may sound I am an Engineer from India. But, trust me I am enjoying my job right now, my very first job. Why am I even mentioning this in the very first paragraph? Maybe I don’t know how to write or begin. Maybe I have no clue. But in my life, this is the first time I am expressing myself, a true myself! 

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to start doing something, productive or not, but some work, apart from professional work. About my professional work: I am killing it right now! But when I am on the way back to home after work, I seem kind of depressed about myself. The reason being I don’t do much after I am back from work and it pinches me inside. I am a firm believer in tackling problems by openly talking about it. And expression is the key to surface problems in order to solve them. I was talking with my friend one such evening about life. Yes, one of those deep conversations with that specific friend. She was seeking help regarding some issues in her life. I am a very jovial person and like to joke, even in a very serious moment. Not because I want to be mean but because I believe in taking some heat out of the moment. Also as I gave her some advice, she asked me how come you grew so wise? And I replied I was born wise…

Here, I would like to share some of the stories and experiences that led me to take certain decisions in all aspects of life from love-hate, fear-courage, personal and professional. I would also like to put forth my views on my upbringing, different cultures that I have experienced and traveled through. I hope you all like it and if I am able to help motivate or change for the good within you, it will make me happier. 

Please feel free to share your views and thoughts on what you think about it. 


PS: It took me 1 month to write this.

PPS: Not because of editing or thinking. But, I am lazy!


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